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Tik Tok hits a block

Tiktok banned in India, and more?
The big news that the fastest growing app, Tiktok has been banned in India is followed by more fears that other countries may soon join in. This drives home a very important point for marketers, biz owners and social media influencers alike: We need to build our own database.
I believe that Tik Tok won’t be the only social media platform that will hit a roadblock. Previously, Facebook has also been banned in China. Now the US is also looking to join the bandwagon of restricting access to Tik Tok. 
In the new economy, having your own database is the gold mine of your biz. For myself, I rely a lot on Facebook and LinkedIn to build my own network and do prospecting, so this piece of recent news only drove home the point that I really, really need to have control over my own database.
This is why it is also imperative that you have your own digital “real estate”. For me, that would be my own website, as well as my Email CRM. This two will suffice for most people who are looking to start out. And having your own database is just the start: you need to grow and nurture your database, and build real relationships with these people.
This is because you may never know when you will get Tik Tokked in India, and be left high and dry like the many influencers who base their biz on Tik Tok. 
Who remembers the YouTube changes that caused many influences to lose a major proportion of their revenue? 
What is to say that Tik Tok, or any other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, will not shift the goal posts in future? Are you putting all your eggs into one basket?