The one big obstacle

Deep within the Happy Man, there are many unhappy areas. But there is one particular area, that stands out…

Would you like to guess?

No, it is not a lack of money, even though I would not mind more.

And no, not health issues, but some what related.

For my closest friends, you all already know the answer. For the rest, here it goes: my wife and I have been trying for a few years, but no children yet.

We got married in 18 Dec 2016, and today, she turns 3…something. But not young anymore. We don’t have much time left, and we both eagerly long and pray for a child.

There are lots of frustrations along the way. And each time her period comes, my heart bleeds too.

She did her checkup, she’s clear.

I did mine, I require a day op.

She tried her best, I felt that I didn’t try hard enough.

And now, I fully and perfectly understand the exact emotional trauma that couples like me go through. It is indeed really, really not easy.

On the surface, I am happy. But deep inside, there is always that niggling feeling, and questions of, “what if…”

Recently, I decided to take action, and we have been doing tcm treatment for a while now. I also joined some interest groups, and decided to connect with some community.

And I realized that it is a really more common problem than I initially thought.

While celebrating my wife’s birthday today, I would also like to use this chance to shout out to couples who may be going through a similar journey now.

I would deeply love to connect with you.

Meanwhile, I take heart and comfort that I am not walking this journey alone. There is my wife, my family and close friends. Most of all, I believe that God is also walking this journey with me.

So friends, if you know of someone who is struggling to conceive, please connect us.
If you are someone who is going through this journey, let’s connect. It is better to walk with support.

To my wife,
Thank you, and I am so blessed. Let’s believe for greater things to come, and that He is always in control.

I love you.



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