what is “Anti-fragility”?

What exactly is “Anti-fragility”?
More importantly, why does it matter?
When I hear of this phrase, I immediately thought that it has something to do with resilience and tenacity. But after reading the book “Anti-fragility” by Hassim Taleb, author of “Black Swan”, I realized that this is a very powerful concept, principle and mindset.
Anti-fragility is the concept that constant stresses and challenges in life is absolutely necessary for us to build resilience in our life, and make us stronger as a result. Using the analogy of the human body: we need to be constantly exposed to bacteria and viruses, and this is helpful in the long run as it helps our body to become stronger, and more immune.
How does all this matter at all?
Challenges in life is absolutely crucial to survival, and even allow us to thrive. I have heard people say that they wish to be able to take it easy. In fact, I often wish that I can take it easy too! Yes, even as the happy coach.
If we accept that life has challenges, and challenges are necessary, we won’t waste too much time complaining.
4 years ago, I took a leap of faith, and quit my pharmacy job to venture into entrepreneurship. 1 year into business, I was barely earning anything, and I complained. It was tough and brutal, and I really had second thoughts if I made the right decision. 
Then I realized that nobody owed me a living. Nobody owed me the right to succeed, but that I have to fight for this right. I felt that the one year of struggles internally made me grow up and mature much more than the 7 years I spent in my comfort zone. 
No pain, no gain. Our response to pain is also crucial, to how much we can get out of it. Every “failure” is a lesson learnt, on the areas of weakness that we need to work on. 
Get better, and not get bitter.

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