We are into the 2nd half of 2020!

And so 6 months have flown by.

At the start of the year, I am pretty sure, many of us have wildly contrasting dreams and aspirations. 
Places that we want to explore, things that we want to experience… Career goals and business dreams to achieve…
6 months into the year, after the outbreak of Covid, what have we? Where are we right now?
When I started this year, I was almost finishing my Digital Marketing Professional Diploma with Lithan Academy. I’m looking forward to transit out of my day job at Ultimate Drive, to embark on a full time career as a life coach.
3 months into the year, in March, things didn’t seem to get any better. The virus has spread all over the world, and Singapore was not spared. Flights were getting cancelled as countries started closing their borders all over the world. China was in a lock down and soon, Singapore was to enter her own “circuit-breaker”.
Friends around me, who owned businesses, were suffering badly. Especially hard hit were the tourism sectors, and F and B sectors. The rest of the sectors in the service and retail were also badly hit. This resulted in a trickle down effect, and even financial services and real estate were suffering.
In April alone, 8,500 companies closed in Singapore, and economists predict that we will have 200,000 job losses by the end of this year. And this is only the tip of the ice-berg.
With the circuit-breaker, people remain at homes most of the time. Zoom and other online meetings became the norm as people shifted work away from offices. Delivery of food and goods became the means to put bread on the table for many people. Pilots and stewardesses I knew who once flew 30,000 feet in the air remain grounded as service and Covid-19 safety distancing staff in public areas.
The world as we once knew, was no longer the same, and will never go back to the same again.
Wearing a mask used to be something I did way back in university, at an attachment to a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. Now, it has become my semi-permanent face accessory! 
In the few months since circuit-breaker, I have completed my ICF certifications, and am undergoing certifications for ACC. I have also shifted all my coaching online, and coached my coachees to do the same for all their current and future endeavours. I am also currently doing my financial papers, to qualify as a financial consultant. This will add further value as I can coach in financial planning matters on top of coaching the mindsets.
It has been a hectic but fruitful first half of the year. And of course, totally… unexpected. But such is life, that when you are served lemons, make lemonade… 😉
How about you? How are you planning to end 2020?

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