How do I get started as a coach? (Part 1)

So now you have decided that you want to embark on the coaching journey… CONGRATULATIONS!

1 year ago, I embarked on a similar journey, and you can read about my journey here.
This is just a guidelines, of how I got started, and it is definitely not prescriptive, but hopefully, it will give you some idea of what to expect in the wonderful journey ahead!
Firstly, you want to have a clear idea what value you can provide.
Are you able to give advice in a particular industry, because you have experience and a certain level of accomplishment? For example, I was in the retail pharmacy for 7 years, and I left the job as a pharmacy manager. The value that I can provide as a coach would be to guide my coachees in the pharmaceutical or retail industry, if they want to achieve their goals in their career and grow as a person.
You have to ask yourself, what is the value that I can provide to my clients? How can I make them become better people? In which specific areas can I help them to grow? 
This may also mean that before you start out on your coaching journey, you may need certain certifications like ICF or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). For myself, I am currently completing my certification in ICF, and soon to be going through my certifications in NLP.
Of course, there are some out there who claim you do not need certifications to be a coach. That is true. I myself started on my coaching journey without certifications, acquiring paying customers as I already have a solid brand on social media. However, having certifications serve 2 main purpose: 
a) They will help you to get corporate contracts more easily, as corporations often look for internationally recognized certifications like the ICF.
b) They will equip you with more tools in your tool box to help the client get over his limiting beliefs, overcome the challenges and obstacles on his way to achieve his goals. In short, it will tremendously increase the value that you can provide to your clients (Hence you can price yourself higher!)
Secondly, start off with complimentary or low fee coaching, with the idea of getting your first 2-3 powerful testimonials.
Here, you have to be strategic in reaching out to the correct target audience in offering your complimentary or low fee coaching services. Some people make the mistake of reaching out to college students, with no intention of looking for this same target group once they move on to paying customers.
This is a total waste of time!!
Coaching students can be a “passion” project, but it cannot feed you if your eventual paying customers do not come from that segment of the population.
Your testimonials can only be powerful if they are from your target group of paying customers. So do not go in circles by taking in people whom you have no intention of eventually coaching when you start charging your dream fees. Cut to the mustard and go for the correct target group from the get-go.
Does this make any sense?
I have also covered the 3 powerful questions for your testimonials in this video here.
Thirdly, once you have your first 2-3 powerful testimonials, you can start asking those coachees for referrals.

I am sure that if you have delivered absolute value, you will have no problems getting at least 2-3 referrals per person, and now you have your first batch of paying customers!
This might also be the time you start looking at constructing your own marketing and sales funnel, which I will cover in a future topic.
All the best in your new coaching career! It will be really rewarding!
Once you have done the steps above, please read on to find out what to do next.
If you need some clarity, feel free to text me, by clicking on the “Ask Yuantai” button 😁

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