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During last night’s RI Zoom meet, which was supposed to run for one hour but ended in 2 hours, I realized that a lot of Rafflesians are actually educators themselves!
Raffles is known for producing men in white (literally because our uniform is white). Politicians, doctors, lawyers… but I realized that there are actually a number of educators in our midst.
This was another of my take away from the meaningful session last night: that we do have a heart to serve, to educate and to empower. Of course, this is a huge testament to the teachers who sacrificed their prime years to teach and guide us. It is never easy teaching teenage boys, who have that extra “smarts” to find ways around rules and take advantage of teachers. ( I know I am definitely one of them)
As a coach, I consider myself to be a part of that group of educators. But I took quite a detour on my journey to discovery, starting from getting an education in pharmacy, coming out to practice, and then getting out of practice to start my own entrepreneurship journey.
Here’s a big hats off to all educators out there: you guys are heroes! Having to adjust and adapt to the changing environment, all the while trying your best to give the children the best chance of success in their lives…
Once again, my heart is so full from yesterday’s meet up. Full of gratitude, joy and pride at being a part of a wonderful community with a heart and love for people.
Auspicium Melioris Aevi.

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