The Most Powerful 2-Word Question

Take a guess?

Yup, it is this: Anything else?

Having gone through ICF coaching certification, two of my biggest takeaways are learning how to be present (I am easily distracted) and how to ask powerful questions.

One of these questions is, “Anything else?”

Asking this question forces one to keep pushing for options. And this is all about pushing your creativity. The brain is really like a muscle, and the more you use, the stronger and better it will become.

Now, before you give up and say, ” I have no more ideas!”, try asking yourself “Anything else? Is there an alternative? Have I missed out something here?” All of these questions will keep pushing you to your limit. And this is really important especially during these times!

The more creative we can be, and the more options that we have, the better we can survive, and even thrive, in times of crisis. And the converse is true. Being creative and resourceful is how the mighty cockroach can survive tough conditions: yes, even a nuclear fall out!

The next time you run out of options, ask yourself,

Anything else?

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