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It goes beyond selling an idea…

People used to say, it is not about selling a product/service, but about selling ideas.

I beg to differ.
As a coach, ideas are just ideas. Ideas are formed in the head, and many people have many different ideas.
If you are selling just an idea, it is nothing inspirational. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?
How about: selling a dream?
Better! Dreams are big, and dreams inspire! Martin Luther King sold his dream of, “I have a dream, that one day…” in his famous speech, that to me, is still one of the best ever “sales copy”, if I may do a huge disservice and compare it as such. Dreams are people’s aspirations, and galvanize them to act in small measurable steps towards fulfilling the big goal.
Now, you can really see what I am driving at.
As I prepare to run my first ever “accountability group”, I realize that most people do not lack ideas. They also do not lack dreams. What do they really, really lack is having the motivation and discipline to push through and take concrete small steps towards the big goal.
That is why, it should be selling a journey/experience.
You should go deeper than just selling ideas, and not even stop at dreams, but be selling the journey that the potential prospect will be embarking on you. Most people get it wrong. The customer’s journey only begins after they have made payment. It doesn’t end there!
Hence, if you run a business, it is high time that you relook at how you structure your business. The mindset and thinking that goes behind every process and every member of the team. If you are selling just an idea, you are shortchanging yourself. If you are selling a dream, go deeper. Focus on the whole customer experience journey, and you will be able to build long term, sustainable customer relationships.
As a coach, it is also my responsibility to create that fantastic customer experience journey. I guide the person to walk this journey of self-discovery and growth.
If this message resonates with you, do feel free to share it. This has to go out there!

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