Champions! At long last!

My love for football started during the Malaysian Cup days, in the nineties, and I started watching the English Premier League. There was this club, called Liverpool, which intrigued me because of her rich history and passionate fans.
Liverpool was on a slow downward spiral, and when I started supporting Liverpool in 1997, she was always playing bridesmaid to Manchester United, who had a rising managerial star called Alex Ferguson.
Each year, I would hope that Liverpool would end the title drought, but each season ended in a heartbreak and the managers came and went.
Nevertheless, Liverpool fans like myself never stopped believing that we would one day win the champion again. We kept the faith and hope.
With each new manager, a new era was promised, but most ended in pain and dreams shattered. Roy Evans, the last manager of the “Boot Room” era, left and was replaced by the French GĂ©rard Houllier. This heralded in an era of foreign managers.
Liverpool almost went into administration, when American owners Gillette and Hicks loaded Liverpool with interest debts in a leveraged buyout. I almost lost a dear friend of over a decade. But we survived.
When FSG took over, and brought in Klopp as the manager, there was hope once again. But cautious hope. Too many times, the hope ended in desperate despair.
But this year, in a very unusual climate, we finally made it! Champions! It is a very surreal feeling, as every year prior I had a certain vision of how I would celebrate the title win.
Nevertheless, being crowned champions calls for a celebration. But I just felt… Calm? I am looking forward to next season, of repeating the same feat again, in what is undoubtedly a new and changed environment.
Hopes and dreams will never die.
If you feel at the lowest now, just like I did when Liverpool almost went into administration, don’t give up. There will be people rooting for you, cheering you on.
You’ll never walk alone. This is why I deeply support Liverpool.

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