What is your personal brand?

I’ve been asked this question in various ways, so let me start by sharing how I do my personal branding, and hopefully, this will give you ideas of your own.

Most people know that your personal branding should convey your values and your value proposition.
This is a common way of going about doing your personal branding. I did mine in the same way too, until I realized that personal branding goes much, much deeper than just a phrase you use when you introduce yourself, or a one-liner you put on your social media profiles.
Now, I started on my personal brand being known as the Happy Man. 
This is because I identify with the values of being helpful, and being happy.
It is also related to what I do for a living, which is to coach people to discover true happiness in life. I have helped working professionals, who are sick and tired of being in the rat race, dragging themselves to work everyday, find clarity and re-ignite the passion that they once had.
This is my story, a personal story of self discovery. 
So what is your personal branding? And what is your story?
Personal branding goes much deeper. There has to be congruence in your private and public persona. 
Unless you suffer from personality disorder, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, you must do what you say, and say what you do.
Nothing can ever stay hidden forever. This is why, as I have learnt, that personal branding is really about how you treat people, day in, day out. 
Personal branding is about:
What you say
What you don’t do
How you say it
What you do
What you don’t do
If you want to be a true master of personal branding, simply putting on the packaging won’t cut the mustard. There are a lot of marketers out there who are really fantastic about what they do: I totally respect that. I used to do digital marketing too, and had paying clients.
But beyond the fancy packaging, there has to be substance inside. People will unwrap the packaging to look at the contents, and you have to be dead certain, it better be good. Or else, you will simply be discarded.
I always tell my coachees to think for the long term. Build sustainable, authentic and honest relationships. It is not about making a quick buck or closing the sale. In fact, the sales process only starts when the client has put money into your pocket!

So, what should be your personal branding?
If you are not sure, you can always start with what it should not be. If you need some clarity, feel free to text me. 
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