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Make a difference

Let me share a short story. 
There was a young girl who lived in a remote village. Every morning, she has to walk half an hour to the nearest well to fetch water on two buckets, across a stick carried on her shoulders. 
It was really hard work, with a load of close to 30 kilos!
One of the buckets has a crack on it, and on the way back, water would leak out. When she reached her hut, less than half of the water would remain in the bucket. 
The cracked bucket said dejectedly, “I am broken. Why don’t you repair or even replace me, so that I don’t waste your effort?“
The girl smiled, and replied,”You are perfectly fine!“
This went on for several weeks. Each time, the girl returned with a full bucket, and a half empty bucket. 
But then, the cracked bucket begin to notice something amazing! On one side of the path, it was barren. On the other side of the path, where he came back on, there were the most beautiful and amazing flowers.
If you can make a difference in someone’s life today, no matter how big or small, what would you do? 
The cracked bucket made a difference in the lives of the plants, as well as people who passed by and were able to admire the beautiful flowers. And he did it, one drop of water at a time.
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