Donate blood, save lives!

Donating blood, saving lives…

My blood donating journey began more than 10 years ago, when I was doing my national service.

The inspiration came from my father, who was a regular blood donor. Even though he was away most of the time due to work, whenever he is back in Singapore, he would always make a donation at the blood bank.

Like most people, I was initially afraid of needles. 

How I overcome the fear was to think of my late grandfather, who had to endure even more pain as he had to go on dialysis in the remaining few years of his life. What is a 20 minute blood donation process compared to his dialysis? The scars on his arms and the unspoken pain were a stark reminder that this blood donation process is just a small thing compared to what many patients have had to go through.

So here I am, doing my regular donation once again…

There are some folks who are unable to donate blood, for one reason or another.

As a perfectly healthy person, I am truly blessed to be able to donate blood. Donating blood actually has quite a few health benefits too! It aids in the process of red blood and white blood cell replacement; helping your body to regenerate and rejuvenate.

There was one minor issue for me though: due to my small veins, I sometimes have bruising after the blood donation. However, this is really really a small inconvenience. The pain wears off after some time.

If you are able to donate, I highly encourage you to drop by your nearest place to donate.
There are locations at dhoby ghaut, outram, woodlands and jurong East.

If you are unable to, please encourage your friends or family members, who are able to do so, to donate.

This is a part of #behelpfulbehappy in a very practical way.